What can Orbital2 do?
Orbital2 is the best product for efficiency improvement and it can assign software shortcut keys to Orbital2, and it can operate more intuitively with only 3 action of "tilt, rotate and press". By using Orbital2, various parameter adjustment and tool change can be done quickly. Moreover, that may be able to suppress tenosynovitis which can occur with creators' long-term work because of it is ergonomics design.
Is there a different color Orbital2?
Currently it will be black only.
It needs to know about the OS supported by Orbital2 application.
■ Supported operating systems(※1)
Windows:Windows10 64bit / Windows11 64bit
Mac:macOS 10.13 High Sierra / macOS 10.14 Mojave / macOS 10.15 Catalina/ macOS 11.1 or later Big Sur(※2) / macOS 12.0 Monterey(※2) / macOS 13.0 Ventura(※2)

※1:The recommended OS is supported and operation has been confirmed.It is also supported by running the latest version of Orbital2 Core.
※2:In the case of macOS 11.1 or later Big Sur / macOS 12.0 Monterey / macOS 13.0 Ventura will be the recommended OS when the latest version of the Orbital2 application (version: Ver. 1.5.1 or higher) is launched via Rosetta 2.
,Feburary 2023 current
Is it possible to use Orbital2 across multiple creative software?
It is possible to use it across multiple creative software by manually switching the profile.
Is it possible to use other than design software?
If the software can assign the shortcut key, it can also use other than the design software by setting shortcut key assignment from the detailed setting on Orbital2 application.
Is it possible to use it with Office software?
It can be used by setting effective shortcut key assignment in each Office software from the detailed setting on Orbital2 application.
Is it possible to use it in PC games?
It can be used in PC games that can be operated with keyboard. However, some PC games can not be used depending on the type.
Can it uses Orbital2 with a PC in an offline environment?
It is available.
Which creative software is supported.
Basically it can operate creative software assigned shortcut keys. For details of the recommended creative software, please visit the product page.
Is it possible to use it with 3DCAD software?
Currently 3D camera operations do not work with the Orbital 2. We are now considering developing it to that function.
Is it possible to use it with 2DCAD software?
Yes. Any function that can be controlled with regular shortcut key as other creative software.
What languages is supported ?
Currently, the application is only in Japanese, English and Chinese. But we are working on the Multilingual version at the moment.
Can the Orbital 2 use when the USB port of PC takes security?
The Orbital2 cannot use on a PC that cannot intercommunication via the USB port due to security.
If I put a converter between the Orbital2 and a PC USB port, can I use the Orbital2?
If you put a converter between Orbital 2 and PC's USB port, it may not be usable depending on the power supply amount. If you cannot use it, we recommend connecting the Orbital2 directly to the USB port of PC.
Can Orbital2 be purchased?
Please purchase from here.
How to purchase Orbital2 as a corporation?
Please contact:
How to access the portal page.
Please access the portal site from HERE. To download the Orbital 2 application, please access the download page of the proper OS below.
Click HERE for Windows
Click HERE for Mac
How long the term of warranty.
The warranty period is a year.
How inquire on repair and return of Orbital2 purchased individually.
Please contact about repair and return information from here.
How to contact when Orbital2 does not move. (purchased by a corporation)
Please contact:
Where is the inquiry?
Please contact:
How to get event information.
It will show you on NEWS and Facebook. Please periodically review the NEWS page and follow us on Facebook.