Orbital 2
Creative Pod



The O2 (Orbital 2) is an input device developed for creators
with the purpose of removing keyboard operations
when doing creative work. With its unique form factor,
the O2 combines high performance with miniature size at never-before-seen levels.
This device is the ideal sidekick to a mouse or pen tablet,
and with support for many creative applications,
you will cut down work time and feel relief from pain and fatigue.


Feature #01

The Orbital Engine is an interface
that combines the motions of 3 devices—joystick,dial and switch—
and makes adjusting multiple parameters a seamless process.
A maximum of 8 dial and switch functions can be registered,
and they are selected depending on the direction the joystick is tilted.
Actions that involve repeated modification
such as changing brush opacity or stepping forwards or
backwards frame-by-frame will become more intuitive and easier.

Selecting the functions of the dial and switch is
done based on the direction the joystick is tilted.
Functions can be assigned to a total of 8 directions
(up, up-right, right, down-right, down, down-left, left, up-left),
and by going through motions such as
moving the joystick to select functions,
twisting the dial or pressing down on the switch,
work goes more smoothly.

Feature #02

The Flat Ring interface consists of 8 switches laid out in a circular pattern.
Aside from the ability to have normal key commands assigned,
you can also set up an on-screen UI menu overlay,
opening your creative workflow to the world of switch-based input.
Your biggest command inputs can be carried out with
the smallest of movements, and your work will be drastically more efficient.
The switches make use of ultra-lightweight sensors
that provide feedback to your fingers with reassuring clicks as you work,
and having gone through extensive testing,
we’ve designed them to not let you down even with long hours of use.

Register multiple functions into a single switch.
With the Flat Ring, in addition to keyboard shortcuts,
you can also assign items to the on-screen menu overlay.
Using this feature makes it possible to assign functions to
a switch all at once, saving you time and streamlining the process.

Feature #03

Be aware of your device’s status at a glance with a cool LED light.
A full-color RGB LED light is built into the O2,
giving your workspace some colored illumination.
Device profiles tied to applications allow users
to set the color of the ring to glow how they want,
so you can make it glow blue when Photoshop settings are active
or have it radiate a shade of yellow when using Illustrator if you so wish.

Support for many creative software applications.

Many creative software applications that illustrators,
video creators and photographers use are supported,and by using built-in recommended profiles,
users will be able to skip the time-consuming process of setting up preferences and start using the O2 right away.












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